im actually disgusted with how drunk i let myself get last night, i was literally throwing up so much i hate myself

August 26, 2014 - LA [x]

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so i reached over 1000 followers, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

so here is my follow forever
but first, a special shout out to:

kathi flora madison danie amy and lauren i love you guys! ♥

okay, so here are the people who lighten up my dash
—i’m really lazy, so it’s not really in alphabetical order lol.—


 5seconds-babe 5-seconds-of-bradley 5sosvamily 5secondsofsummor 

a - d

 akavamps arisvampette aha-vampssarticbradley ariyanagrande awwtradleybootyconnor brads-smile bradicalvamps bradleysluke bradleysbumchin bradlehs bradleysbracelets bradleypimpson becauseconnor braddacake bradleyy butyourenotthevamps bradful bradxpimpson bradleysimpsonss bradugh brwadley bradsmipson bradscream bradsimpsoon bwadleybear bradmila bradleysboo cosmicbradley condoraball condoraatheexplorer condoradaexploraa canwedance-onelastdance dancingwithbrad dirtywhiteboysimpson 

e - h

fckconnor friskytris fuckbrads fourvamps fuckingsimpson fucksmcvey hitvampsheartbreakbradley howaboutvamps 

i - l

imtryingtogetyouoffofmymind idobegforthevamps inlovebrad iamcalledvampette iadorethevamps jaffabradley jameesmcvey jamesquiff jamesmcsexy kissedbrad loophemmings lmaomcvey loserbrad lovestrucksimpson lucylocke laurensbrad lukesgetaway 

m - o

meethevamps mcyve meetthevampsbrad mcveygod weyheyvamps mcveysknees michaelclivfford mcevey mcveybegs omfgtris ohbradscurls

p - r

queenbrad radbradley riskitallbrad  rad-simpson risk-it-all-for-tristan radicalbradley

s - t

stopbrad sxmpson smoshingconnorball simpson  slutbrad shoutaboutsimpson savemy5souls tradleyplease thevampskoala tbhtradley tradleybaby thevampsposts  tristanmcvey trxstanevxns thevampsdayumm thevampsurl tramess thevampsfansite thevampsfeels thexvamps tristanheavans 

u - z

vampedcalum vampsnaps vampsssss vampsvevo vampette-paradise whisperinginmyear xobiebersvamps yoursweetdisposition-13 

and of course:
wearethevamps joemanager itsdeansherwood waddysolomonofficial 5sos-official

SORRY if i missed anyone. i love all my followers, you guys are amazing. keep posting things about the vamps and 5sos. i like that stuff. 
(oh, and sorry for the long post)
have a nice day!

aw thankyou so much & congrats on 1K!x

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“If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.” — Lao Tzu (via purplebuddhaproject)

#confirmed tumblr user bradlehs has a *brad voice* // GHETTOW BEWTIE//

What did he say ghetto booty in?? Give me a link!!! Plwease xx

it was in one of his twitcams a while ago x